Our healthcare projects

Development of Emergency Medical Services in Kyrgyzstan

Customer: Ministry of Health, Kyrgyzstan / KfW Entwicklungsbank

Children’s City Clinical Hospital #2, Almaty

Customer: Ministry of Health, Kazakhstan

Perinatal Center, Almaty

Customer: Ministry of Health, Kazakhstan

Perinatal Center, Ekaterinburg

Customer: Department of Health of Sverdlovsk Oblast

Privat Hospital Project, Vilnius

Customer: Private Investor

Republican Diagnostic Center, Astana

Customer: Health Cluster Astana / Ministry of Health

Private Clinic „Euromedservice“, Moscow

Customer: Euromedservice, Moscow

160 Hospitals, Kyrgyzstan

Customer: Worldbank / Ministry of Health, Kyrgyzstan

Private Hospital Project, Bucharest

Customer: Private Investor

Regional Hospital, Osh

Customer: Ministry of Health, Kyrgyzstan

Regional Hospital, Hanti-Mansisk

Customer: Hanti Mansisk, Ugra Autonomous Region, Russia

Regional Hospital, Pristina

Customer: Private Investor

Burdenko Central Military Hospital, Moscow

Customer: Ministry of Defense, Russia

Regional Hospital, Salavat

Customer: SNOS

District Hospitals, Kyrgyzstan

Customer: ADB / Ministry of Health, Kyrgyzstan

Regional Hospital No. 1, Skopje

Customer: Ministry of Health, Macedonia

Four Hospitals, Republic of Côte d' Ivoire

Customer: Ministry of Health, Republic of Côte d' Ivoire

Hospital with Diagnostic Center, N'Djamena

Customer: Administration of President / Ministry of Health, Republic of Chad

Neurosurgical Center of Excellence at Bagdasar-Arseni Hospital, Bucharest

Customer: Ministry of Health and Family, Romania

Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Rabat

Customer: Abu Dhabi Development Fund, United Arab Emirates

ARS Surgical Center, Inovrotslav

Customer: Private Investor